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Posted on Sep 30, 2019 at 07:20 AM
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Weekly Forecast - Sept 30- Oct 4

Check out this Week's Forecast on EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/CAD and EUR/JPY and how we are trading this pair for the week.

If you are trading any of these pairs for the week, then this analysis is for you.


1.0962 to 1.0942 is our key Resistance zone area. A break below will begin another round of short sell. Other wise a Buy should breakout after a mild consolidation.

Eurusd Sept 30

BIAS: Consolidation waiting for Bullish Breakout.



1.2277 to 1.2377 is our key pullback zone area. We should be seeing weakness on the Dollar leading to a bullish pull back to 1.2377. Then the bears would likely come in if the Dollar gains strength.

Gbpusd Sept 30 

BIAS: Bullish pullback before Bearish continuation



Massive consolidation continues in the 1.3233 and 1.3273 zone. We will continue to scalp this zone until price gains momentum in a particular direction.

Usdcad Sept 30

BIAS: Consolidation.



118.20 is our likely entry price for a Sell continuation on this pair, dropping to retest the 117.50 support zone for a bounce.

Eurjpy Sept 30

BIAS: Bearish continuation

Which of these pairs will you be trading this week? Let's hear the direction from you!

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